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Apple Iphone 8 Should you buy it?

Apple Iphone looks similar to its predecessors, apple have not made much changes in iphone 8 apart from adding glass back and introduced wireless charging. Apple iphone 8 comes with A10 bionic processor which is faster processor compared to its Android brothers. Apple also releases iphone X along with iphone 8 and 8 plus. Iphone X features edge to edge bezel less design and comes equipped with Samsung’s OLED display.

“Despite the configuration and outdated design iphone 8 is still a good buy as it gives good new powerful processor and wireless charging in just over $700 compared to Iphone X being priced above $1000.”

The iPhone 8 is a gorgeous, sleek and incredibly powerful smartphone, there’s no doubt about it. The A11 Bionic chipset provided the highest benchmark scores ever, leaving Android rivals in the dirt, and the low-light camera performance is a marked improvement on the iPhone 7.

But no matter how good it is, it just isn’t a tempting enough upgrade for current iPhone 7 owners. If you’ve got an older iOS device or are looking to switch from Android to iOS, the iPhone 8 is a great option, but iPhone 7 owners might not feel it’s worth the upgrade.

The addition of wireless charging is handy, but there won’t be a noticeable difference in performance between the 7 and 8 for the majority of tasks.

Design and build

In terms of design, the iPhone 8 is what you’d expect from an ‘S’ upgrade. Why? The iPhone 8 sports a similar form factor to the iPhone 7 (and 6s, and 6) but with a handful of changes to make the phone competitive. So, while it’s slightly thicker than the iPhone 7 at 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm and 10g heavier at 148g, there’s a reason why.

Much of the added bulk can be attributed to the introduction of a glass rear, much like the design of the iPhone 4 and 4s. It provides the smartphone with a much more premium look when compared to aluminium, but potential consumers are worried about how easily it’ll shatter.

Apple claims that the glass is custom-made with a “50 percent deeper strengthening layer”, although we’re not sure what this is compared to as the previous iPhone boasted an aluminium unibody. There’s also the introduction of a steel substructure alongside the 7000 Series aluminium band to provide extra frame reinforcement.

It won’t protect against all drops, but it should hopefully stop it shattering from less significant drops. And those with an iPhone 7 will be happy to know that most, if not all existing cases should fit the iPhone 8 too, ideal for those that worry about dropping the smartphone.

Expert opinion

With all design changes coming and now with release of iphone XS, we would recommend you to consider iphone XS over apple iphone 8.

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